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About the School

The Stables is a community partnership providing a unique learning opportunity for students in grades 8-12 who thrive in a nontraditional school setting. Designed with academics in mind, the Stables also provides opportunities to gain work competencies and vocational skills. Through project-based learning and work experiences, students assume greater responsibility for their education and are inspired to be continual lifelong learners.

In addition to classroom instruction, the teenagers are engaged in activities that focus on life skills such as problem solving, communication, team building, and development of positive relationships.

Students may participate in the Equine-Assisted Interpersonal Skills class and shadow professionals in multiple areas of the work force. While learning about and caring for the horses, our students develop an appreciation for hard work and responsibility while building their confidence and self-esteem. They also are eligible to participate in the district's school activities. The program is housed at Central Kentucky Riding for Hope at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Mailing address:
The Stables
P.O. Box 13155
Lexington KY 40583

District office: If you cannot reach the staff or need help at the district level, please contact the School Leadership support team at (859) 381-4233.


… built on core family values to empower, encourage, and achieve dreams -- together.


  • A safe environment for students to learn and excel in all areas of growth for academic and life success;
  • Equine-assisted activities that challenge individuals to achieve their maximum potential through the care and management of a therapeutic horse herd;
  • Encouragement and appreciation of diversity in all aspects of life.